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Welcome to Impact Omics and our journey in providing omics-based services to help unravelling the complexity of diseases in first-line care. Founded in 2022, our mission is to break down barriers and make omics-based diagnostics accessible and affordable for routine use.

In today's era of abundant data and remarkable technological advancements in healthcare, it's puzzling how physicians still rely on empirical data for treatment decisions. Rather than uncovering the root cause of a disease or condition, treatment strategies are routinely based on generic and sometimes misleading signs and symptoms. The immense potential of omics-based technologies, which reveal the underlying molecular mechanisms of diseases, remains untapped.

Yet, at Impact Omics, we believe it's time for a change. We argue that a key obstacle is standing in the way: omics-based technologies have not been designed for routine clinical use, and their high costs have hindered widespread adoption. That's why we've made it our commitment to bring these transformative technologies into everyday medical practice by making them more affordable and readily available.


We offer specialized laboratory services to uncover the underlying causes of a wide range of diseases and conditions commonly encountered in primary healthcare settings. As a valuable partner for laboratories and clinicians, we empower them to make informed treatment decisions by harnessing the wealth of physiological data within the body.

Our primary focus lies in unlocking the immense potential of genomics, with an extensive menu of infectious disease tests that can be easily customized to meet specific needs. We are also constantly broadening our horizons in the field of genomics, including areas like pharmacogenomics.

Initially, our test menu will be available for animal testing. In the near future, we will expand our services to encompass human testing as well.

Icon of lung Respiratory tract infection
Icon of a stomach Gastrointestinal tract infection
Icon of a bladder Urinary tract infection
Icon of a virus and bacteria Various syndromic animal infections

Why choosing Impact Omics

Whether you seek to broaden your range of tests or explore cost-effective alternatives for your existing molecular diagnostics portfolio, Impact Omics is the ideal partner to harness the potential of genomics and make this part of the daily practice.

We understand the need for more cost-effective alternatives and the demand for comprehensive data and insights into diseases. That's why we prioritize three key criteria for our tests which sets us apart in the industry:

Icon that indicates an affordable test The market's most budget-friendly option
Icon that shows multiplexing Detailed insights into complex diseases
Icon that shows rapid test Fast results

Our approach

Drawing upon our extensive experience in the diagnostic industry, we are designing an innovative and streamlined approach to comprehensive genomic profiling of diverse clinical samples. Our 'plug-and-play' workflow has been developed to accommodate virtually any sample type, allowing us to screen for a wide range of DNA or RNA targets.

At Impact Omics, we adopt a technology-agnostic approach, prioritizing functionality over form. Each step of our workflow is thoughtfully designed to ensure optimal clinical performance while simultaneously offering our customers the best possible pricing in the market.

We constantly strive to harness the latest advancements in the field, enabling us to provide accurate, comprehensive genomic profiling solutions that drive actionable insights for our valued customers.


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